Don't Let the Evidence Spoil

“Spoliation of evidence” is a legal term meaning that a party in a lawsuit had an obligation to preserve evidence in a court case and they failed to do so.


Spoliation can be the destruction of evidence, damaging of evident or altering evidence.


Spoliation usually has to be done with purpose or intention.


For example, suppose you are in a lawsuit or know you will be in a lawsuit over a damage done to your car, and you sell the car.


Now, the other side cannot investigate the damage done to your car and thus they cannot defend themselves.


That is spoliation of evidence.


Other examples of spoliation are: Destroying the contract, deleting the video and getting rid of the product that hurt you.


Spoliation can and will result in heavy sanctions.


This is why I tell all my clients to keep anything remotely connected to their case. It is better to have to much evidence than not enough.


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