You are Free to Contract

 There is a general rule that if to parties agree to a term in a contract, the courts will not interfere.


Freedom of contract is a judicial concept which holds that contracts are based on mutual agreement and free choice.


So, if you want to sell your million-dollar house for 1000 rubber chickens, go ahead.


If you want to pay someone to dress up as a dog and bark at you, perfectly legal.


You can make a contract for anything you like as long as it is legal.


For example, a contract for sexual services will not be legal anywhere except Las Vegas.


You cannot make a contract to commit a crime.


The contract will also be enforced as long as both parties are on equal footing.


For example, both parties are represented by a lawyer or both are experienced businessmen.


Courts will not enforce a contract between a sophisticated businessman and an unexperienced layperson if that contract only favors the sophisticated businessman.


However, if the contract is legal and both parties agree to the terms, feel free to contract.


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