You Can't Jump to the End

When potential clients meet with me for the first time, a lot of them ask me to basically guarantee that I will be able to collect the money from the Defendant if they win the case.


I can’t do that.


I do not know what assets a person owns or how much money they make. In fact, I tell my clients that they are in a better position than me to know if collection is even an option. For example, if the person they want to sue dresses in the same clothes every day and drives a 1985 Honda Civic, chances are that a lawsuit is not worth their time or money.


I also cannot look into a person’s finances before the case has started. Remember that lawyers are not private detectives.


Lawyers are allowed to look into a person’s finances after a judgment is obtained, not before.


Now, there are a few things lawyers can do before the case has started, such as run a judgment search on a person to see if they already have multiple judgments and doing a county/state search to see if the person owns any property.


Also, lawyers can ask for insurance information, if applicable, when the case has begun.


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