Common Business Needs Part 1

If you are starting a new business or your business is fairly young, you will find there is a long to-do list you need to check off to protect yourself.  I have compiled a list of some your common business needs below. Remember, protect yourself now before your business gets sued.


LICENSES-To legally start a business, you’ll likely need a business license. If you are a plumber, you need a license. If you are a home contractor, you need a license. You sell alcohol, you need a license. Etc…


LABOR LAWS-Make sure you comply with all labor laws. Including laws regarding minimum wage, overtime, age laws, and time-keeping.  


DISCRIMINATION AND EQUAL PAY-Remember to comply with all laws regarding equal pay and the American disabilities act. Also, don’t discriminate.


FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE -Make sure you understand the Family and Medical Leave act and how it pertains to your business.


OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ACT-This law guarantees employees a safe work environment, free from recognized health hazards.


WORKERS’ COMPENSATION-Make sure to buy an insurance policy that compensates employees if they get hurt or become ill from workplace exposure.


AT-WILL WORK DOCTRINE-Most employees are at-will. Meaning you can fire them or they can leave for no reason at all. So, don’t make a mistake and tell them they were fired for any reason, just let them go. Unless, of course there was a legitimate and documented reason for letting them go.


Thank you for reading, my business is to protect your business!

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