Contract Interference on the Defendant. 15 Yard Penalty!


A successful business is one that is always flowing.


However, there are always reasons your business might slow down for a bit.  The one thing a business never wants to happen is where a client or a business partner is enticed to leave the business while they are under contract.


If that happens the business has a valid cause of action.


There are five elements to an action for interference with a contractual relationship:


·         A valid agreement between at least two parties-There must be a contract.


  • The interferer must have had knowledge of the agreement- An outside party must be aware there is a contract between the two parties.


  • The alleged interference must have caused the breach of contract-The outside party must have caused one party to abandon the contract.


  • The interference must be intentional-The outside party must mean to steal that person/business.


  • The interference caused the plaintiff to suffer damages-The other party to the contract must be out money.


So, if you find yourself in this situation, contact a lawyer to enforce your rights.


Thank you for reading, my business is to protect your business!

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