Questions You Need to Be Prepared to Answer

Subject: Questions You Need to Be Prepared to Answer


You would like to initiate a lawsuit and are meeting with an attorney for the first time. You are probably a little nervous and not sure how to handle the meeting.  Here are some questions you need be prepared to answer and discuss with the attorney.


1.      All the details behind what is prompting the lawsuit-This is self-explanatory. You need to be able to discuss why you think you have a case. Also, remember to bring all documents you think are remotely relevant.


2.      How are you damaged and how much are you damaged?-This means you have to be able to quantify how much money you have lost or will lose as a result of the person/business you wish to sue. So, get estimates or any proof you have of your loss.


3.      What would a successful lawsuit look like to you? – Besides the obvious, getting all your money back, what is your goal? Is it to hold the other party responsible? Make sure you understand your motivations and communicate them to the attorney.


4.      What are your worries/fears-Make sure to tell the attorney if time or money are concerns. Do you need a quick resolution because of another business deal? Are you worried the other side is going to abscond with your money? Also, tell your lawyer any weaknesses you think are in the case and anything you might have done wrong. It is much easier for your attorney to prepare if they have all the facts.


5.      What questions you have about the case- Remember that the first consultation is a two-way interview. The attorney is seeing if the case and you are good fits for him. And you need to decide if the attorney is a good fit for you. So, come prepared to ask questions that are important to you.


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