Top 4 Times When Not to Contact An Attorney First


I advocate, a lot, to always contact an attorney when doing a business deal or there is a dispute.


However, these are the 4 times you do not want to call an attorney first:


1.      When Doing Business Deals- Lawyers are not businessmen. So, it is important when making a business deal that you have the parameters of the deal in place before calling your attorney to put the deal in writing and protect your interests.


2.      When your feelings get hurt-If someone makes a serious and false accusation against you, by all means contact an attorney. However, if someone was just mean to you and your feelings were hurt, it probably is not worth the legal fees to pursue a case.


3.      When it is not really a matter of principle- I hear a lot that people say they "don’t care about the cost" because it is the principle that counts. However, once I quote the legal fee these people tend to care about the cost and no longer want to pursue the case.


4.      When you need to research Attorneys first-Do not always hire the first attorney you see or lookup on the internet. Make sure the attorney you hire practices the area of law that you need. Just like in medicine, you do not want a foot doctor to perform heart surgery. The same rules apply for lawyers.


Thank you for reading, my business is to protect your business!

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