The Top Reason You Lost Your Case


A few weeks back I posted the top 5 reasons you lost your case.


But I missed the biggest reason of all!


The top reason you lost your case is failure to give your attorney all the facts.


This happens all the time to lawyers. First, the client comes in with a great case!


The lawyer signs the client up and starts the lawsuit.


The opposing attorney submits documentary evidence that completely refutes or destroys your client’s case and the attorney looks foolish in court in front of the Judge.


Then the case gets dismissed, usually way before trial.


Now, if the client had presented the all information before hand, the attorney more than likely would not have taken the case.


Also, to clarify, it isn’t always the client or the attorney’s fault. Sometimes the client is unaware that something is important or will preclude his case.


And the Attorney doesn’t know what information the client did not give him.


However, the attorney always gets blamed and receives the 1-star review on Yelp, google etc…


So, please give your attorney everything so (s)he can give you the best advice on whether to start the case.


Thank you for reading, my business is to protect your business!

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