How Do You Know What You Know?

Subject: How Do You Know What You Know?


A common and necessary cost of litigation is paying for witnesses and/or expert witnesses.


You have to pay to subpoena a witness if they will not come to court willingly.


You have to pay for an expert witness because you are not qualified to discuss certain topics.


Without an expert witness you may not have a case at all.


For example, if you are claiming $10,000 in faulty work done by an auto mechanic, you cannot just claim that the car ran worse after the mechanic worked on it. You must prove the work done by the mechanic was subpar and/or negligent.


This requires an expert witness.


Why? Because you are not qualified to speak or testify on what is and is not subpar and/or negligent work for a mechanic. Only another trained mechanic can do that.


Thus, if you want to claim work was not done right, mechanically, medically, etc.., you need an expert witness who will testify to those facts.


If you want to prove how much money you are owed, an invoice is not sufficient, you need the person who performed the work to explain what they did, why they did it, and how much it cost you.


If someone stole your gold, you need an expert witness to prove the value of the gold.


Remember there are two parts to every case, liability and damages. Even if you can show that someone stole from you, but you cannot prove the value of the item that was stolen, you will lose your case.


So don’t try and save money by not hiring the expert witness, or you may walk away with nothing.


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