Time Is On My Side

Subject: Time Is On My Side!


Today I am answering another frequently asked question.


I often get asked “how much longer is my case going to take?”


In fact, I have a friend at the gym that  asks me how long his personal injury case will take every week. I am not his attorney, but he trusts my opinion.


I know he wants me to tell him that it will settle any day.


Instead, I have to tell him that I think it will take him at least a year and a half.


The truth is your case is going to take time.


I have seen cases take 1 month and I have seen cases take 10 years.


Any attorney worth his salt will not give a concrete answer to how long will the case take.


There are numerous reasons a case will take a long time or have delays.


Some of these reasons are:

1.      Your case is complex

2.      A lot of information needs to be exchanged in the discovery phase

3.      The opposing counsel is highly litigious and files a lot of motions

4.      The Court is over-worked and is taking a long time to issue decisions on your case

5.      One of the attorneys gets sick

6.      One of the clients gets sick

7.      The opposing counsel is not getting paid and withdraws from the case, causing a stay (mandatory delay)


Thus, it is not possible for your attorney to give a realistic timeline as to the length of your case.


Thank you for reading, my business is to protect your business!


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