Is It Worth It?

Have you ever been at work and had a really annoying coworker or boss?

Have they ever annoyed you so bad you wanted to hit them right in the face?

But, of course, you didn’t because you went through a quick mental exercise of what would happen if you hit them and found it was not worth it?

Starting a lawsuit requires the same kind of analysis.

Only the aggrieved party can make the determination if a lawsuit is worth it.

Some factors I suggest my clients to take into consideration are:

1.     How much are you owed?;
2.     The fees associated with pursing the case;
3.     The relationship with the offending party; 
4.     Are you willing to pay for a lawsuit even if it costs you money at the end?;
5.     If you win, does the offending party have the assets to satisfy a judgment?

I can only lay out the factors to my clients. I never make the decision for them because starting a lawsuit is a personal or business decision.

And each factor is important.
Monetarily, a person or business must decide whether it is worth pursing a case and if they win, what are the chances of collecting on the judgment.

Also, if someone wants to sue a family member, is it worth it to possibly create lasting damage to the family?

On the business side, if a business has an ongoing business relationship with the offending party, is the lawsuit worth jeopardizing the future business relationship?

These questions are important to answer prior to starting a lawsuit and why it is important to stop and ask, “is it worth it?”

I never want a client to start a lawsuit in the heat of the moment and then have major regrets (guess who usually gets blamed then).

Thank you for reading, my business is to protect your business!


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