Attorney Ethics

On more than one occasion I have had a client say something like “Tell their lawyer that if they don’t do _______________ I will call the cops.”

My answer is always the same. “No.”

Lawyers are bound by a lengthy set of rules regarding what they can and cannot do.

For example, threating criminal action against a party is a sanctionable offense for an attorney. Which means his law license can be suspended or revoked in addition to monetary penalties.

The reason behind such rules is to prevent lawyers from doing things like coercing the other party a/k/a blackmailing them.

The rules of professional conduct were created to protect all clients equally and while the rules can be frustrating for clients and attorneys alike, there are very valid reasons for their existence.

Yes, lawyers break these rules all the time, but eventually they get caught.

There are numerous attorneys reprimanded every month. These are the attorneys that are the reason for so many lawyer jokes.

Other things lawyers can’t do are use client’s money as their own, sleep with their clients, and lie for their clients or allow their clients to lie.

Remember, if an attorney is willing to break the rules for you, you also run the risk of him breaking the rules against you as well.

Trust the Lawyer willing to say “No.”

Thank you for reading, my business is to protect your business!


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