The Statute of Limitations are the Final Say

One thing I will never understand is why people wait so long to pursue a case. 
I get quite a few phone calls where they tell me something happened ten years ago and now they want to sue someone.
I always have to tell them that the time to commence a lawsuit has long passed.
It does not matter if you have the perfect case. If you waited too long, there is nothing you can do.
The reason: The Statute of Limitations.
The longest statute of limitation in civil law is 6 years. That is for a breach of contract.
Some statute of limitations are only 1 year.
The average statute of limitations are 3 years.
Now, there are some exceptions to these rules, such as you did not know about a fraud against you for a few years. Then, you have up to two years from when you discovered the fraud.
But, for most cases the statute of limitations is a bright dividing line. If your case is within the statute of limitations you can commence a lawsuit. If not, too bad.
So, don’t wait if you think you have a case. Reach out to an attorney immediately and more importantly, give you attorney time to file the case.

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