In New York City A Business Cannot Represent Itself

When my son was born he spent three days in the NICU.

Whenever I wanted to visit him I had to present my ID or I would not be allowed to see him.

Even then, I was not allowed to remove my son from his incubator without nurse supervision.

I was extremely annoyed and frustrated by the inconvenience, but in the end I respected that my son was being properly taken care of and watched over.

In New York, a business owner/manager cannot represent the business in Court. The business must be represented by an attorney.

In fact, a business owner can show up in Court and the business can still have a default judgment entered against it.

While, it may be frustrating for the business owner/manager, it is in the best interest of the business.

Remember: “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

Who would you rather have guide you down a level 5 rapids, the trained guide or someone who has never ridden in a boat before? 

The legal “rapids” are confusing and full of “hidden underwater boulders.”

A seemingly minor statement can change the whole course of a trial.

Or to put it in business terms, the cost of an attorney could seem miniscule to the cost of losing a trial because you represented the business yourself.

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