Why having a Lying Attorney is a Bad Strategy

Whether deserved or not, attorneys can have a reputation as a shark.

Attorneys can also have a much worse reputation as liars and charlatans.

Though most attorneys are good people and good lawyers.

However, I do have multiple cases with a lying attorney.

How do I know he is lying? Because in three different cases the attorney has stated three different stories.

Now he thought I would not look into his other cases.

I did. Now I am using his different stories to make him look bad, paint him as a liar to the judge, and generally discredit him.

Lying does not pay off because you will get caught.

So while you might think you want a lawyer who will "do what it takes" to win your case, you are actually much better of with an attorney who is smart, strategic, and knows the law.

That attorney has a much better chance of winning.

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