Why in Litigation Your Attorney Needs to Stop and Think it Through


I have a toddler son and one of his favorite television shows is Sesame Street.

On Sesame Street, there are many segments dedicated to teaching Cookie Monster to stop and think it through.

In law, hiring an attorney who knows the law is not enough.

You need an attorney that will stop and think it through.

For example, when settling a case, just having a boilerplate release is not enough.

I have a client that settled a case with its landlord. The attorneys for the landlord sent over a release that was only specific to the one situation at issue.

However, my client has multiple issues that it had not addressed with the landlord.

Now if I was the attorney for the landlord, I would have included language in the release that released the landlord from all acts and occurrences up to the date of the release.

And for my clients, I would not have signed any release that had that exact same language.

Luckily for me, the attorneys for the landlord did not stop and think about adding all acts and occurrences to the release and my clients are free to pursue compensation for the other issues. Even though the landlord is aware of the other issues!

This is why litigation attorneys need to be strategic and why hiring the right litigation attorney is important.

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