Why You Should Get It In Writing or The Deal Doesn't Exist

Recently, a timeshare company called my wife up with an amazing offer. 
They wanted to give us a free cruise, a two-week all-inclusive vacation, a lifetime membership, and about a dozen other perks if sign up for a program that had a one-time fee of $2,000.00.
I told my wife to tell the travel agent that we would definitely sign up, if he sent me the offer in writing.
To which the travel agent replied “I can’t do that, or others might find out about this deal.”
If you can’t get it in writing it is too good to be true. 
In fact, get everything in writing. This is the only way to protect yourself or your business. 
If you don’t get the terms in writing, it does not exist.
I don’t care if it is your spouse, best friend from childhood, or your fairy godmother.
Once the contract is breached you need to be able to point to a document and say “this is what they didn’t do.” “This is the reason they have to pay me” or “This is the reason I don’t owe any money.”
In most cases, the terms of the contract control and a court cannot rewrite a contract.
So get it in writing now and save yourself a huge headache later.

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