Why You Should Get Every Deal in Writing

One of my most cringe-worthy memories is from the 7th Grade. 

In Science class, we had to find seating for a project. I naturally wanted to sit next to one of my best friends. 

Unfortunately, someone was already sitting there and he refused to get up. 

I was one of the few kids who had a job so I pulled out my wallet. I showed the kid $40 dollars and said “this is yours if you give me your seat.”

Naturally, he didn’t believe me so I handed the money to my friend and said “once you give me the seat he will hand you the money.”

The kid got up and I took his seat.

Of course you know what happened next….my friend handed me back the money.

I am not proud of it, but it illustrates my point. Trust no one!

I have heard way too many stories of people and business owners that co-signed a loan with a boyfriend or just believed someone that said “don’t worry I will take care of it.”

Do you know what happens next? 

They come into my office explaining to me that their boyfriend defaulted on the loan or that person didn’t take care of it.

Now they are either completely screwed or they have to pay me to fix the problem.
Trusting someone with your money without a written agreement is like playing Roulette, eventually you will lose and it might be the first time you play.

So, protect yourself and get the agreement in writing.

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