12. February 2019
5 Avoidable Reasons that Businesses are Sued

05. February 2019
The Top Reason You Lost Your Case-An explanation of why you should tell your lawyer everything and give him all documentation.

29. January 2019
When to Anticipate a Lawsuit-An explanation of anticipatory repudiation.

22. January 2019
Top 5 Reasons You Lost Your Case and Your Money-Common reasons why you lost your case.

18. January 2019
What's In A Provision? An explanation of a few basic contract provisions.

15. January 2019
Start at the Beginning-An explanation of basic contract terms

03. January 2019
Where to Begin?-An Explanation of where to bring your lawsuit.

20. December 2018
The Law is Latin-An explanation of legal terms.

11. December 2018
Do You Know Your Rights?-An explanation of where to look for the rights of the minority business shareholders, partners, members etc...

04. December 2018
Practicality and the Law Do Not Always Mix- An explanation of why starting a lawsuit is not always practical even if you have a winning case.

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