13. November 2019
An explanation of other outcomes than going to trial

12. November 2019
Learn why you need a lawyer to read over your settlement papers

08. November 2019
Learn why you should not work without a written agreement

07. November 2019
Factors to help decide if your case is worth litigating

05. November 2019
Explaining why Litigation Strategy Matters and should be tailored to the client

30. October 2019
Explaining Ripeness is an essential element to Litigation

22. October 2019
An explanation of malicious prosecution

15. October 2019
An explanation to Business Owners and Operators of how Freelance Workers are protected

08. October 2019
Explaining areas of your business that an attorney can be used and is probably necessary

01. October 2019
A quick explanation of why all contracts should be written

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