18. September 2018
Why You Need to Be Damaged. An Explanation of Damages in Civil Court.

11. September 2018
The Law is Standing Room Only. An Explanation of the necessity of having Standing to Sue.

04. September 2018
Justice Is Blind In Civil Court. An Explanation of why the only thing that matters in Civil Court is whether all the elements of a cause of action, like Breach of Contract, are met.

27. August 2018
The Statute of Limitations are the Final Say and how if you miss the statute of limitations your case is over forever

24. August 2018
Why Consideration is One of the Most Important Elements of A Contract and the consequences of failing to have consideration

22. August 2018
How a bad witness can cost you your case and why settlement should always be part of the discussion

20. August 2018
Answering the FAQ of "Can I get attorney's fees if I win"

17. August 2018
Breach of Contract Simplified. Breaking down what is a breach of contract and some defenses to a breach of contract.

15. August 2018
Why Something is Better than Nothing and Why Bankruptcy Can be Good. An Explanation of why settlement can be a good option.

13. August 2018
Why having a Lying Attorney is a Bad Strategy

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