08. October 2019
Explaining areas of your business that an attorney can be used and is probably necessary

01. October 2019
A quick explanation of why all contracts should be written

25. September 2019
An explanation of proper Deposition behavior

17. September 2019
An explanation of a Motion to Reargue

10. September 2019
An explanation of spoliation

03. September 2019
An explanation of the viability of non-compete clauses

27. August 2019
An explanation that you can contract for just about anything

20. August 2019
An explanation of when fraud has to occur

13. August 2019
I had someone call me and say they drafted their own contract and wanted to know if there is something specific they should have put in the contract (meaning the contract was already signed). After I facepalmed. I had to explain that, without looking at the contract, I had no idea what he could have left out of the contract and that it was too late if the contract was signed. However, after he explained a few of the details of his agreement I could see a distinct possibility that he really hurt...

21. June 2019
An explanation of Forum Shopping.

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