19. April 2019
An explanation of the cause of action called Tortious interference with a Contract

02. April 2019
An explanation of the term Prejudice in litigation

27. March 2019
What TV Gets Wrong About the Law

22. March 2019
An Explanation of what steps to take when you are served.

11. March 2019
Questions You Need to Be Prepared to Answer- Preparation for your first consultation with an attorney.

06. March 2019
Top 4 Times When Not to Contact An Attorney First

26. February 2019
Top 5 Things to Never Say to Your Attorney and Why

19. February 2019
5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Business From Lawsuits

12. February 2019
5 Avoidable Reasons that Businesses are Sued

05. February 2019
The Top Reason You Lost Your Case-An explanation of why you should tell your lawyer everything and give him all documentation.

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